Stone Jug Bracket Series

From the mobile desks of Michael Beard and Greg Miller:
We are in the unfortunate position of having to cancel this weekend’s Stone Jug Championship Bracket Series presented by GOTUS Trucking at Keystone Raceway. While a narrow look at the weekend’s forecast might appear to offer options under normal circumstances, insurmountable issues show up in wider context. Due to record rainfall throughout the month of April, the track has not been able to open yet. Even after three warm sunny days, the pits are still saturated in spots we never had before. There is nowhere for the water to go, and we are looking at rainy and cloudy conditions for the next three days, preventing any real headway into drying, followed by morning and evening cold temps and high humidity Saturday and Sunday. It’s going to take a significant amount of time before we can even put mowers on the property. Pit parking is simply going to be an impossibility this weekend. Additionally, the concrete is going to need that time to dry out before we can lay down a surface that won’t blister. For these same reasons, even Sunday testing is out of the question. We absolutely hate this as much as you do, but patience is what it’s going to take to get the season started at Keystone Raceway, with the track surface you can trust, and without critically damaging the pits. We appreciate your understanding and support.
The partnership between Michael/Staging Light and Greg/Keystone Raceway Park is one a couple of years in the making. We both want the same thing and understand the ins and outs of events and promotions. At the top of the list the desire to give the best surface possible and the best time while everyone is here. This year has started out rough with all this rain. Who would have thought at the 3rd week of April we would be flirting with freezing temperatures. If someone would have told me we wouldn’t be able to open until the last week of April or May, I would have never believed it. Besides 2020, we have never not opened before May in 57 years.
Now for the good news: We have been able to secure a replacement date. The points finale of the Stone Jug Championship Bracket Series presented by GOTUS Trucking will now be September 6-8, 2024 at Keystone Raceway, to follow the June 21-23 and July 26-28 Stone Jug events. We hope you’ll join us. (all except you, Mother Nature!)

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